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Dental Crown & Bridge
Nampa, ID

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Dentists use dental crowns for restoring severely decayed or fractured teeth.
First, Dr. Shaun Christensen will remove the damaged portion of the tooth, and shape it to fit your crown. Then, a unique mold is taken and used to manufacture a crown out of gold or porcelain to fit the healthy tooth. The crown is then fixed into place with special cement or bonding material. Dental crowns provide the following benefits:
•  They restore the tooth's original shape and size
•  They help prevent decay from forming on the underlying tooth
•  They add strength to the tooth's structure
•  They are very durable

Dental crowns help prevent the need for root canals and tooth extraction by reducing the risk of tooth fracture and tooth decay.


Dental bridges serve to replace one or more missing teeth.
First, the dentist prepares the teeth on either side of the missing tooth to receive crowns. Then, an artificial tooth is attached between the two crowns. Once the crown-artificial tooth-crown combination is cemented into place, it 'bridges' the gap left by the missing tooth. Bridges offer several benefits:
•  They look like new teeth
•  They are a durable mouth fixture
•  They prevent surrounding teeth from shifting to fill the gap
•  They restore a more natural bite and chewing ability

For these reasons, bridges are a good investment compared to dentures. If a bridge is not possible, or the adjacent teeth don't need crowns, dental implants may be the best alternative.

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