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The Effects of Bone Loss
Nampa, ID

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Dental professional showing a patient the effects of bone loss at Middle Creek Dental.Having a healthy jaw and gums helps to ensure that your teeth are properly supported in place. A healthy and strong jaw and gums are also vital in maintaining your facial appearance. However, since these two parts of your mouth are made up of living tissue, it is possible, for one reason or another, to start deteriorating. The deterioration, or resorption, can have a huge effect on your dental health. Luckily, at Middle Creek Dental we offer a wide range of dental solutions, which help to prevent or fix jaw and gum resorption.

Jaw Resorption and Its Causes

Jaw resorption is a dental health condition that is characterized by the loss or deterioration of the jawbone. The bone loss can be brought about for several reasons, including:
•  The effects of tooth loss - The teeth help to maintain the proper structure of the jawbone by stimulating it, thus helping the bone tissue to regenerate following natural tissue loss. The removal of the stimulation following the loss of teeth thus leads to bone atrophy.
•  An infection of the jawbone - Since the jawbone is made of living tissue, an infection can cause damage, leading to bone loss. The infection can be caused by a bacterial infection, an oral infection (lesions and cysts) or as a result of gum disease.
•  Damage to the jawbone caused by a traumatic dental injury - A traumatic injury to the mouth can damage the bone tissue, and if they fail to heal properly, this can lead to bone loss.
•  The effects of aging - Tissue regeneration reduces over time in the body. In the case of the jawbone, this reduced regeneration rate leads to bone loss.

Gum Resorption and Its Causes

The gums can also deteriorate over time, which is usually due to the damage to the tissue. The damage can be caused by reasons such as:
•  An oral infection that spreads to the gums
•  A bacterial infection due to poor oral hygiene
•  As a result of gum disease

Problems Created by Jaw and Gum Resorption

Jaw and gum tissue deterioration can cause dental problems such as:
•  Tooth damage and loss - Jaw and gum deterioration reduce the support offered to your teeth, which can lead to loose teeth, increased vulnerability to damage such as cracks and fractures, and ultimately, tooth loss.
•  A dampened smile - Damaged gums are unsightly, while bone loss can alter the appearance of your face. Losing some or all of your teeth can also lead to an incomplete smile.
•  Dental device problems - Jaw and gum resorption can cause problems if you are using dental devices such as braces, aligners, dentures, and implants.

Solutions for Jaw and Gum Resorption

While jaw and gum resorption is a serious dental issue, it can be fixed using various dental solutions. The best way of treating the deterioration is by regenerating new tissue around the area where the lost or damaged tissue is.
•  Bone grafting surgery - This involves growing new bone tissue through the use of a bone graft material. It can be used for any part of the jawbone.
•  Sinus lift surgery - This is a bone-graft procedure, which is used to grow new bone tissue at the end of the upper jawbone, where the maxillary sinuses are located. It involves lifting the sinuses and then placing a bone graft in the created space.
•  Gum graft - A gum graft is used to regenerate new gum tissue by placing a grafting material where the damaged gums are.
•  Ridge augmentation - This is a bone-graft procedure that is used to regenerate bone tissue in the tooth sockets left behind following tooth extraction. It is a preventative treatment that is used to prevent bone atrophy following tooth loss.

Are you experiencing jawbone or gum tissue deterioration? Middle Creek Dental can provide you with reliable solutions you can count on. Call us today at (208) 505-9975 to schedule a consultation.

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The Effects of Bone Loss in Nampa, ID
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