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Dental Emergencies
Nampa, ID

Emergency Dentistry Nampa ID

No Insurance? No Problem!

We offer a one-tooth flat fee discount:

•  One fee of $200 for relief of pain.
•  $200 fee includes exam, x-ray and treatment for one tooth
(impacted tooth surgeries or root canals may require additional fees)
•  We accept payments via Visa, Mastercard, cash or cashier's check
•  Payment plans available for treatments more than $300

Emergencies are scary situations. It is often easy to panic when faced with an emergency, especially if you are unsure of what to do. The same is true in the event of dental emergencies. Knowing how to handle a dental emergency is essential, and can mean the difference between a minor repair of your teeth and being faced with tooth loss or worse. If you are faced with a dental emergency, Middle Creek Dental can help with emergency dentistry services.

Taking Care at Home

While a dental emergency can incite some panic, there are some emergencies that do not require care in the office. One such issue is a bitten lip, tongue or cheek. While painful, these issues are rarely dangerous. Use moistened gauze over the wound if you are bleeding. Ice can help with swelling and over the counter pain relievers can help with any pain. Typically, these wounds heal in just a few days.

A toothache, while often indicative of an infection, can also indicate food stuck between your teeth. First, thoroughly brush and floss your teeth. If you do not remove anything, then call the office to make an appointment. If you are unsure if your dental emergency requires care, call our office, and we can point you in the right direction.

Treating Dental Emergencies in Our Office

There are many emergencies that we can provide care for right in our office. These emergencies include
•  Toothaches. A toothache often indicates an infection, which requires a root canal.
•  Damaged teeth. Teeth can be damaged in some different ways, including falls, sports injuries, and more. These injuries can result in chips or cracks in your teeth that can affect your smile and your oral health. Tooth damage can often be treated with a crown.
•  Tooth displacement. If a tooth has been partially knocked out or pushed deeper into the socket, we can reset the tooth and secure it with a splint. In the event of these injuries, do not attempt to reset the tooth on your own.
•  Tooth avulsion. If a tooth has been completely knocked out, it can be set back in place. First, find the tooth and rinse it off. Be careful to only handle the tooth by the crown. Store the tooth in a jar of milk or salt water until your appointment. In many cases, we can reset the tooth and secure it. If it cannot be reset, we can discuss options for replacement.

Emergencies that Require Care at the ER

Even though we can handle a vast majority of dental emergencies in our office, there are some instances when you should go straight to the emergency room. These situations include
•  You are having trouble breathing.
•  Bleeding that lasts longer than 15 minutes.
•  Severe pain and swelling.
•  You think that your jaw is broken.

Dental emergencies are scary, but knowing what to do can make the situation easier to handle. We can provide emergency care even without insurance with a one-tooth flat fee discount and payment plans for care costing more than $300. If you have any questions or need to schedule an emergency appointment, call Middle Creek Dental at (208) 505-9975 today.

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